Join us for a day of celebrating God's love and supporting each other as women as we learn about topics such as healthy living, deepening your prayer life, managing stress and anxiety with your teen, beginning a fitness journey, and more! Sessions will be offered multiple times during the day. If one session is filled, please scroll to the next time spot and make your selection. If all sessions fill, we will open more spaces!

7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Registration

8:30 - 9:00 a.m.-- Worship in sanctuary with Arise Band

9:00 – 9:50 a.m.-- Keynote Speaker--Jill Baughan

Door prizes #1-5

10:00 – 10:50 a.m.--- Breakout #1 (pre-chosen at registration)

10:50 – 11:20 a.m.-- Break/Vendor Fair           

11:20 - 12:10 p.m.-- Breakout #2 (pre-chosen at registration)

12:10 - 1:10 p.m.-- Lunch/Vendors

Door Prizes #6-10 at 1:00 p.m.  

1:10 - 2:00 p.m.--Breakout #3 (pre-chosen at registration)

2:10-3:00 p.m.--Breakout #4 (pre-chosen at registration)

3:00-3:30 p.m.--Break/Vendor Fair

3:30 p.m.--Final Door prizes drawn in sanctuary

3:45-4:15 p.m.--Closing Keynote--Jill Baughan

4:15-4:30 p.m. - end notes Pam Cross


Box Lunch

Chicken Salad on a Roll

Roast Beef & Swiss Cheese on a Roll

Tuna Salad

Smithfield Ham on a Roll

Pimento Cheese

Turkey & Provolone on Wheat Sandwhich Bread


Our keynote speaker for this conference is Jill Baughan.

Find Joy No Matter What

Your life may be far from perfect.

Your joy may seem like it’s gone underground.

If so, it’s high time for a resurrection.

So join us as Jill shows how it’s possible to find delight in the middle of hard places.

And just so you know:

During our time together, there will probably be laughter.

And there may be a tear or two.

But there will most definitely be joy… no matter what! 

Bio: Jill Baughan is an author and speaker who, through adventure and play, helps people find joy, no matter what else is happening–good, bad or ugly–in life. Early on in life she was diagnosed with an acute form of adultaphobia (fear of entering the Land of Responsible Adulthood). This manifested itself most poignantly when, for many years, she went kicking and screaming from one stage of life to the next, ever concerned that now she would have to start behaving like a grownup.

Alas, adulthood did catch up with Jill, and she is no stranger to painful experiences, such as the sudden death of her father when she was ten, and a long battle with infertility as an adult. Her first book, A Hope Deferred: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Infertility, chronicled her journey, and offered suggestions for couples traveling the same difficult road. Even though the challenges of life have changed her, however, her innate wildness remains unshaken. “Though there are times when part of me mourns what’s lost, sighs at what’s here and trembles a bit at what’s to come,” she says, “I still want to hop onto a Harley, swing like Tarzan from a vine, and toilet paper somebody’s house.” 

As a frequent speaker, Jill’s message has touched hundreds of people at retreats, civic organizations, church groups, women’s ministries and businesses. Leaders look to Jill as someone who can inspire their audiences with humor, depth and wisdom.

Jill spent a lot of  years as an English instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University before she decided to take all that fun stuff and adventure on the road.  She and her husband, Ben, live near Richmond, Virginia.


Do you Lead a Martha or a Mary Life?
with Beth Saunders
Session Description: Okay, which one are you?

Type A: "Company's coming tomorrow night for dinner, and you are running like crazy, trying to make sure that everything is just perfect. House is clean, menu is set, even the table is set a day ahead of time."
Type B: "Company's coming tomorrow night for dinner, and you are deciding that a good time takes priority over a clean house, so you pull out some fun games, order dinner from Grub Hub, put on your most comfortable jeans, and wait for friends to arrive.”
Whether you identify more with Martha (Type A) or Mary (Type B), know this: Both Mary and Martha loved Jesus, but each had a very different view of service. In our time together, through the exploration of their lives, you'll learn how to gain perspective on your own when it comes to serving others and serving Jesus. This session will be high energy and interactive, so come prepared to have fun exploring and celebrating your (maybe quirky) personality and finding balance in an all too busy and high-tech world.

Bio: Beth Saunders is Vice President of Lewis Media Partners, a small but fast-growing, all-
female company, that provides strategic and media direction to clients. In one of her many roles
in her company, she trains employees on how to be strategic thinkers and leaders, taking into
account each person’s strengths and personality traits in order to help them succeed. Her
company’s culture is one of true work/life balance, which is not always easy for Beth, given that
she is a true Type A personality. Beth taught both graduate level students and undergrad at
VCU, but one of her favorite roles is subbing as a Sunday School teacher when needed. In that
role, she grew to love the story of Martha and Mary (a perfect example of Beth and her sister)
and how to embrace balance in all walks of life, especially in service to Christ.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Marriage
with Joy Ross Davis
Session Description: Developing the mind of Christ for joyful ministry in your marriage.

Bio: Joy is a Pastor, serial entrepreneur, business coach and world traveler, but her favorite roles of all are wife, mom and lover of Jesus! She transparently confesses that life hasn't always been a JOY! She's battled with depression and struggled with what she calls "self-sabotage" and low self esteem! It wasn't until years ago, when she surrendered her life to God's plan, that she began to literally live out her name - and experience a genuine "JOY" in every area of her life. With a bit of humor, profound wisdom and the truth of God's word, Joy has a passion for helping others live an abundant and fulfilling life on purpose, Joy's natural skincare business, Day Three Bath & Body has been seen on local and national CBS + NBC television affiliates and was recently featured in Southern Living Magazine. 

Joy, along with her husband Billy, are the Lead Pastors of Acts Community Church RVA and our the proud parents of 3 beautiful children and 2 completely, spoiled grandbabies: Legacy and King. 

She is thrilled to be invited back to share lessons on how to experience marriage - God's way! 

Ditching Diets and Finding Freedom from Food
with Cindy Shufflebarger
Session Description: Are struggles with diet and weight stealing your joy? Learn how shifting our thoughts can shift the scales. This session will explore the link between faith and food that will lead to true freedom.

Bio: Cindy is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and holds a Master of Public Health degree. She’s an
educator at heart who likes to encourage lifelong learning. She loves adventure, the outdoors,
hiking the National Parks and delights in finding evidence of God in everyday life. She’s
sometimes a runner, more often a walker, and enjoys travel, photography and all things nature
(except snakes). She can often be found looking for the best spot to watch God color the sky

with a sunset. Cindy adores time with family, connecting with friends, and believes that everyone 

has a story that matters. She prefers an actual book over a digital copy and can often be found
reading a memoir. But mostly, Cindy is a God-loving, joy-seeking, lover of fun.

THROUGH THE ROOF! How to make sure God hears your prayers.
with Pam Grumbles
Session Description: Prayer – a complex subject, yet simple (but hard). Puritan writer Ezekiel Hopkins wrote, “If you but whisper your prayer God will hear it.”

Jesus taught us to pray.
Does God hear my prayer?
In our session we will explore several facets of prayer and learn about different types of prayer. We will encourage each other as we learn to pray more effectively for those around us, including our children and grandchildren.

Bio: Pam, along with her husband, Mark, served as a missionary for 35 years with the International Mission Board with most of her time in Costa Rica. There she served in various roles as student evangelist, Seminary professor, language coach, mentor to new missionaries and as Treasurer and business administrator. She and Mark also served in El Salvador and Colombia. Since retiring in 2015, she works part-time as a Spanish/English interpreter in courts and hospitals in the central Virginia area.  

Pam is the mother of three and grandmother to seven (with another on the way!). Pam is from Franklin, Virginia and now resides in Mechanicsville.   She is a member of Cool Spring Baptist Church where she helps teach the Bible to women. Pam wants to encourage young women, in particular, to learn to rely on God and follow His leading in our complicated world.

The Teen Years are Tough: Managing Stress and Anxiety WITH your Teen
with Ashley Morgan Soukup
Session Description: The constant demands and pressures on today's youth is unprecedented. These demands, coupled with normal developmental changes that come with the transition to adulthood can be anxiety provoking and stressful for anyone.  How do we, as parents, know when this stress and anxiety is too much to handle? How do we have a conversation with our teen about the stress and anxiety they are facing? And ultimately, how do we work WITH our teen to support them through this transition? Please join Ashlely Morgan Soukup, MA, LMFT to explore these questions, and explore the signs, symptoms, and challenges of anxiety and depression in teens today. 

Bio: Ashley Morgan Soukup is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice at Summit Emotional Health. Ashley works with youth, adults, and families specializing in a variety of emotional and behavioral health concerns including: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma, marital concerns, anxiety, depression, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse.  Specifically, Ashley assists individuals and families in exploring new patterns of communication and relational engagement to better support one another, and promote long-lasting change within the family.  Ashley enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Mike, and two energetic boys, Carter and Grady. They have visited every park in the Richmond area and spent much of their weekends at local ponds or rivers fishing for Blue Gill and Small Mouth Bass.

Joy in Your Temple - The Value of Health Through Fitness
with Vicki Williams
Session Description: Let’s take a look together at how we see ourselves. Do we see ourselves through the eyes of social media, through the eyes of our friends and family members, or societal expectations? What if we saw ourselves the way God sees us, perfectly and wonderfully made? How does he see us? Let’s take a look and see what lenses we should really be looking through to see ourselves. If we choose to see Joy in our temple, can we at the same find the value of health through fitness? Let’s explore and see!

Bio: "I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist by day and I’m blessed to get to work with babies from birth to three years of age for Hanover County Early Intervention. I love working with babies and helping their families feel empowered when helping their children with their overall development.
In the evenings I’m blessed to do something else I love! I teach group fitness at Atlee Station Family YMCA in Mechanicsville, VA. I am a certified group fitness instructor through American Council on Exercise (ACE), with specialty certifications in Zumba, Zumba toning, Aqua Zumba, Pound, Piyo, Soul fusion, HIIT STEP, and Tabata boot camp. I use a variety of group and individual fitness activities to help people find what they love to do to get moving, but most importantly help them find ways to stay active. My motto is 'We’re all in this together,' because we really help each other to keep moving and stay accountable. We all want to improve our health or stay healthy.
My main goal is to help you to love yourself the way you are RIGHT NOW, perfectly created by God. My second goal is to help you figure out what activities make you happy and can help get you moving, or more active. Let’s figure out together, how to get moving and stay moving. We are all different and what works for one may not work for another. My philosophy is “'Fitness is not always about being inspired by someone else, sometimes you may be the one inspiring others.

Always Something To Encourage You
with Sandy Weakley
Session Description: Each participant will decorate business size cards with bible verses and encouraging words. You’ll be able to store the cards in a provided business card box.

Seeing God in the Bus Loop: Experiencing God in the everyday moments of life.

with Bryan Dupuis
Session Description: Life gets defined by our schedules. Between work, and family, and school, and even church, we can never seem to find time to be alone, to be still, let alone time to "be with God." But what if the answer isn't about finding time to be with God, but about being aware of God's presence in our every day moments? Through stories, scripture, and real life examples, this session will explore the answer to that question, as well as offer practical next steps to encountering God in the midst of our chaos.