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Meg Cross Menzies


Meg Cross Menzies was a young, Christian mother of three, who was killed by a drunk driver while on a training run for the Boston Marathon. Meg was an elite runner who was well known in the Richmond community, but also loved encouraging other runners.  When Meg died, two of her friends used a Facebook page to ask people to run or walk on January 18th 2014 to honor Meg’s memory. Over 100,000 people from all over the world answered that call. They ran because of the life Meg lived, a life not much different from them. Whether it was because Meg was a mom, daughter, wife, friend, or runner, people could see and feel themselves in Meg’s story.  

Over 18,000 runners continue to run for Meg today.  

But Meg's Miles has become bigger than just running. Today, as many people come to Megsmiles to praise and glorify God as they do to share in each other’s running journeys. It has become a family that truly cares about each other. A family that lifts each other up through life challenges as well as running struggles. Meg’s dad Wirt once said, “It’s not how you run, it’s how you run your life.”

The Meg's Miles family embraces that motto.  They greet each other at the finish line no matter how successful that race or day in life might be going. It’s a family that send each other gifts, cards, meets to run together, plans destination races and truly works together for good. Lives have been changed, routines fixed, moms have become stronger. Many have started attending or returned to church. Through this family, God has been glorified.

Megs Monument, Hanover County
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