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Our Meg's Miles Charity will be working on several exciting projects over the next year. One is our partnership with John Marshall High School, to supply equipment and support at meets. The second is a quarterly outreach to the Homeless in our community, adults and children, to collect needed items and be a presence where needed. The third is a trail race to remember Meg on her birthday in August. The race will help raise funds for each of these projects. We are building committees now and would love to have your help. If you are interested in helping on one or more of our committees, please EMAIL: We are so excited and plans are getting underway. If you are not in the Richmond area, join us virtually, we would love your input.   

Thank you friends. #megsmilesoutreach   


Across the country and globe hundreds of runners carry Meg's legacy on their own personal morning runs or at the marathon they've trained months for.

As we continue to run, may we run MEGSTRONG. May we run for Meg because she ran for GOD.


Not only can you Run 4 Meg, but you can practice safe and defensive driving any time you are behind the wheel. Please wait to text and avoid mobile device distractions.

Make sure your prescription medications are safe to take while operating a motor vehicle.

Don't second guess driving after drinking alcohol or under the influence of illegal substances. Choose Uber or Lyft if you need to be somewhere.   


Donate to the Meg Cross Menzies Charity. Whether it’s offering scholarships to local athletes, supporting local running teams that can’t afford uniforms, providing programs to promote family wellness, or encouraging people to live healthier lives through improved fitness - running or otherwise - the charity will follow Meg’s example of serving others to honor God.


Visit the Virginia DMV's website to make a NEW PLATE PURCHASE or click the link to go directly to the Meg's Miles Special Plate Information page. There you can follow directions to obtain the application for a plate. At this point you will also need to decide if you want to personalize the license plate.


By repurposing your gently worn shoes you can tackle a desperate need for shoes around the world and here in Virginia.

Many ways to donate, here are a few:


​Charlottesvilles "Shoes for the Homeless

Shoes too beat up? Drop off at any nike store to donate to the Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Vietname Veterans of America -PickUpPlease

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