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Introducing Jill Baughan, who will be leading our conference session Find Joy No Matter What 

Your life may be far from perfect.

Your joy may seem like it’s gone underground.

If so, it’s high time for a resurrection.

So join us as Jill shows how it’s possible to find delight in the middle of hard places.

And just so you know:

During our time together, there will probably be laughter.

And there may be a tear or two.

But there will most definitely be joy… no matter what! 

Jill Baughan is an author and speaker who, through adventure and play, helps people find joy, no matter what else is happening–good, bad or ugly–in life. Early on in life she was diagnosed with an acute form of adultaphobia (fear of entering the Land of Responsible Adulthood). This manifested itself most poignantly when, for many years, she went kicking and screaming from one stage of life to the next, ever concerned that now she would have to start behaving like a grownup.

Alas, adulthood did catch up with Jill, and she is no stranger to painful experiences, such as the sudden death of her father when she was ten, and a long battle with infertility as an adult. Her first book, A Hope Deferred: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Infertility, chronicled her journey, and offered suggestions for couples traveling the same difficult road. Even though the challenges of life have changed her, however, her innate wildness remains unshaken. “Though there are times when part of me mourns what’s lost, sighs at what’s here and trembles a bit at what’s to come,” she says, “I still want to hop onto a Harley, swing like Tarzan from a vine, and toilet paper somebody’s house.” 


As a frequent speaker, Jill’s message has touched hundreds of people at retreats, civic organizations, church groups, women’s ministries and businesses. Leaders look to Jill as someone who can inspire their audiences with humor, depth and wisdom.

Jill spent a lot of  years as an English instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University before she decided to take all that fun stuff and adventure on the road.  She and her husband, Ben, live near Richmond, Virginia.

Growing in the Journey would like to introduce Kathy Jenkins of Come To Order. She will be leading our conference session on Top 10 Tips for Getting Organized

Is getting organized a dream that feels like it will never come true? Too busy? Not enough space? Too much stuff? Completely overwhelmed? No matter the reason there are simple things that you can start to do right away to help you get on the path to organization. Come learn my Top 10 Tips and start your journey to a clutter-free, organized life!

Since 2005 Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Family Manager Coach, and Professional Organizer Coach, Kathy Jenkins and her team have been helping busy families and small business owners simplify and come to order in every aspect of their lives, not just with their stuff! Working one-on-one with clients in their homes and offices, they help organize spaces, create effective systems and assist with time management that results in a more efficient, productive and happy life!

As a working mother of two school aged boys she meets with the challenges of staying organized everyday. It is because of this personal perspective that she is able to relate to her clients and help them achieve the level of organization and family management they desire.

Growing in the Journey welcomes speaker Amber Rhodes Peacock! 

I’m Amber and I’m a mom. I’ve studied parenting, written about parenting, taught parenting, and parented three kiddos for the past two decades. And just like every other mom on the planet, I’ve still got a lot of learning to do about the wonderful, important, exhausting, fun and terrifying responsibilities of being a 21st century mom. I look forward to exploring what it means to be a good mama with you at the conference in the breakout session, “Good Mamas Say. Good Mamas Do. Good Mamas Ask.” I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I’ve discovered that good mamas don’t have to know it all. (What a relief!) In fact, it’s just as important to recognize what we don’t know as what we do know. Come learn how to better align your actions with your words and your questions with your kids’ needs as we explore the unique challenges of 21st century parenting. To learn more about Amber, visit

Growing in the Journey would like to introduce Emma Moyer, who will be presenting the session Healthy Eating Made Easy.


She is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an AASDN-Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is passionate about connecting people with the food they consume because good nutrition is a tool to accomplish God's work. Without the energy, how can we deliver God's message?! Emma is also a mother of two, so she gets how life (and picky eaters) can stand in the way of healthy eating. During her session Emma will teach you strategies to sneak in more vegetables to those kiddos (and yourself) without slaving over the stove. Sample some of her tried and true family favorite healthy snacks and learn more natural remedies to common ailments to keep you powered and the kids in school! Bring your appetite and your pickiest eater challenge!

Growing in the Journey would like to introduce Katharine Hunsaker, who will be leading our session Single Moms - Walking in Faith.


I have been a wife and a mother and have raised 8 children as a single mom. To say that it was difficult is an understatement. I know about separation and loneliness. But beyond the difficulties and times of hard testing is the beauty of intimacy with Christ. I do not think that we can really know God without the hardships that cause us to become fully dependent on Him.

Our time together will not focus on instructions for single mothers. I firmly believe that each mother is the “expert” in her own home and over her own children. This session will focus more as a testimonial to God’s faithfulness in any situation we may find ourselves in and not just the difficulties that we face as parents. It just happens to be that the backdrop for my own seasons of learning were as a mom of eight. So if you have children, come! And if you don’t have children, come! The purpose of our time together will be to show that God wants to be faithful to YOU, whatever your present circumstances may be.



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